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Cutting machine
High-efficiency, high-precision, high-stability paper product processing equipment Smooth operation, easy operation, high speed, high accuracy

Widely used in cutting paper, coated paper, kraft paper, cultural paper, offset paper, glossy photo paper, gold and silver cardboard, aluminum foil paper, laser laser paper, packaging paper and other industries

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Reel paper cutting machine ZY-1400
Reel paper cutting machine ZY-1700
Reel paper cutting machine ZY-1900
Cutting machine ZY-1400
cut costs
cut costs
Compared to traditional processing methods,
Web cutting machine saves manpower and material resources
High precision
High precision
Featured cutting accessories,Imported precision components
Suitable for precision machining of products
Stable and safe
Stable and safe
Multi-layer security protection to meet international standards,
Reduce business processing risk
Caring service
Caring service
7*24 hours service support, escort you
Let you use more confidence
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Dongguan paper friend Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Is a professional manufacturer of web servo slitting machines with high speed and high precision servo control. It is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It is a professional company with more than ten years of professional manufacturing technology for web slitters, which integrates R&D, design, production and sales. As a high-tech enterprise, service has been highly recognized by the industry in terms of integrity, strength and quality in recent years, and has gradually become the industry's “leading enterprise” with its five major advantages: market, specifications, quality, efficiency, and service.
Quality is at heart, service is good, paper friends are working hard to create a brand of paper friends with international influence with an international perspective, adhere to the customer-oriented core, market-oriented, "quality in place, first-class service, technology development" business The idea is to provide our customers with quality services and create a beautiful tomorrow for mutual development.
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