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How to prolong the service life of the slitting machine

The price of the cutting machine is not cheap. Everyone wants to use the machine for longer and more stable, but to achieve this purpose, the daily maintenance is very important. Before using the cutting machine, the main components of the automatic cutting machine should be checked and the lubricating oil is added. When the disassembly and disassembly fully automatic cutting machine is checked, it is strictly forbidden to use inappropriate tools and use unscientific methods of operation. The following five points should be done well in the daily maintenance and maintenance of the cutting machine.
First, local electrical appliances should be regularly cleaned and checked to eliminate hidden dangers in time.
Second, the use of slitting machine is done by slitting machine and crosscutting machine, so we should use high quality slitting cutter and crosscut knife.
Third, the daily maintenance of the cutting machine should be in place, its yardstick is, smooth, clean, liquidation (no dust, no sundries) in place, to ensure that the sliding parts of the equipment are in good condition.
Fourth, the maintenance work, the rotation parts should be stopped regular and irregular inspection (especially for vulnerable parts to stop real-time monitoring). Carry out regular adjustment, change regularly, commutator and make detailed records in order to reach the purpose of prolonging the service life of equipment.
Fifth, to improve the technical quality and degree of the personnel of the operation and cutting machine, to control the local operation should be done by a special person, and no one should be allowed to operate on its own.
In addition, every two weeks to complete a comprehensive cleaning and inspection of the machine; full automatic cutting machine, such as long time stop do not need, must wipe all bright surface clean, smear antirust oil, cover plastic cover will cover the whole machine. If the automatic cutting machine is stopped for more than March, the antirust oil should be covered with moistureproof paper. After the work is completed, the equipment is carefully cleaned and the exposed surface is cleaned, and the lubricating oil is added.
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