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How to distinguish between the cutting machine and the crosscutting machine

Cutting machines and crosscutting machines, the names of these two machines are only a word of word, and are used for the cutting of items, but the two types of cutting equipment are essentially different, let me introduce these two equipment for us one by one.
Slitting machine:
The cutting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment which divides the wide sheet, mica belt or film into multiple narrow data. It is often used in papermaking machinery, wire and cable mica belt and printing and packaging machinery. The cutting machine is mainly used in the mica belt, paper, insulation data and thin film cutting, especially suitable for the separation of narrow band (insulation material, mica belt, film and so on). Cutting machine is a large volume of paper, film, non-woven fabric, aluminum foil, mica belt and other thin materials cut into different width and small volumes of small volumes before printing, printing equipment, often used in paper machinery and printing and packaging machine cutting machine constantly from single motor control to double motor, three motors, more stable and more stable under the speed of machine speed. Effect.
Cross cutting machine:
The crosscutting machine is attributed to the carton processing machine. The crosscutting machine in the corrugated board production line is a mechanical equipment for cutting the cardboard products by the cadres. Its skill and function and equipment adjustment have a direct impact on the accuracy of the cutting scale of the paperboard, the breaking of the pressing line, and the beautiful appearance of the cut. Cross cutting machine is suitable for longitudinal and transverse cutting of various types of paper. Such as gold and silver card paper, plain rainbow paper, laser laser anti-counterfeiting paper, white board and all kinds of thin paper. It is widely applied to transverse or longitudinal shearing of trademarks, cigarette labels, calendars, wine boxes, poker, paper and plastic composite materials.
Through the above introduction and elucidation, we know and understand the two kinds of mechanical equipment that distinguish the slitting machine from the crosscutting machine.
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