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Introduction to the working principle and mechanical classification of the roll splitting machine

Working principle:
The operation of the paper cutter is relatively simple, and the environmental requirements are not high. Usually, power is supplied in the general office to ensure power supply. The general paper cutter is equipped with an automatic switch system. As long as the old paper is lost, the paper cutter will automatically rotate and cut the paper. Others also need to press the start button, and the paper cutter will rotate and continue to cut the paper.
Before breaking the paper, check whether there are any hard objects such as pins, staples and so on. If so, it should be removed and then put into the paper, otherwise it may damage the tool. In the use of paper cutting machine, should be careful not to plug a lot of paper, especially the better quality paper, the use of more attention, so as to avoid the phenomenon of paper in the paper as far as possible do not put a skew, to a relatively narrow paper as far as possible in the center of the paper entrance.
For early products, when the use of cardboard failure occurs, we should press the back button or stop button, so that the broken can continue to use. Most of the paper cutting machines are equipped with overload and power failure protection devices. When the motor is overheated and heated, it will automatically stop. At this time, we should stop using 20 30min to cool the motor. At the same time, the number of input paper should be reduced properly when used again. The advanced cutting machine will automatically stop and automatically withdraw the paper once it is overloaded, and it is more convenient to use. When the body of the paper cutter is full, some machines will also automatically make sounds to remind people to remove paper scraps in time.

Mechanical classification:
The paper cutting machine consists of a living paper cutter and an industrial paper cutter.

Life use:
Paper cutting machine for life paper consists of paper cutting machine, paper cutting machine, paper cutting machine, square paper cutter, paper cutting machine, handpiece paper cutter, paper cutting machine and other paper cutting machines. According to different paper products, the corresponding cutting mechanism is different.
The toilet paper cutter means more band saws, which is the band saw cutter used for cutting toilet paper rolls. The band saw cutter is equipped with an automatic sharpening tool and movable table device, which can be cut into the finished paper products according to the required length and width.

Industrial use:
Industrial paper cutting machines include manual paper cutter, electric paper cutter, numerical control paper cutter, etc., which are mainly used for cutting industrial paper or other products. Small recommendation: if you need to find the industrial paper cutter, try to understand the use of the product as far as possible and find the corresponding equipment manufacturer.

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