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Matters needing attention in the production of paper cutting machine

Precautions for the use of the cutting machine:
1、Check the number of joints in the section of the product to be consistent with the number of their own. If the hot melt adhesive coating machine is not checked immediately to prevent the internal joint into the product.
2、According to the characteristics of semi-finished products, the EPC device is adjusted to ensure that the EPC photoelectric is always on the tracking line, and one end of the membrane is pulled by hand to start the machine at low speed, so that the membrane moves normally.
3、Stop pressing the stop button. When you unload the coil, your hand is not allowed to touch the reel to prevent your fingers from being clamped.
4、Slow down, observe whether the cutting film meets the quality requirements, and then slowly speed up the start cutting, the machine runs, the hand is strictly forbidden to put into the machine, so as to avoid the hand back pressure.
5、To open the material bracket to the appropriate width, the semi-finished film is put on the bracket, and the hand must leave the film section when the material is on. It does not allow two people to operate at the same time, in case the hand is trapped by the cylinder.
6、Return the photoelectric to the center position to ensure that the slider of the reel is kept in the middle of the guide stick.
7、Put the paper tube in line with the specifications on the receiving shaft, and turn the cut into the paper tube of the upper and lower collecting shaft according to the normal method, and open the machine at low speed, find the suitable position of the paper tube on the receiving shaft, and make the mark for the next installation. When the paper tube is installed, the hand must grasp the surface of the paper tube to prevent slipping from being injured by the shaft.
8、All the cutting films are drawn onto the reel according to the operation requirements. When the hot melt adhesive machine is worn, the blade is not allowed to be scratched on the machine.
9、According to the order sheet, it is required to install the cutting tool holder to the right position, tighten the lower knife, then start the machine at low speed, and cut the semi-finished product into the required specifications.
10、According to the power of the machine, according to the requirements of the task list, set the tension of the rewinding, the number of automatic stops and the thickness of the material.

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