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What are the features of the high speed cutting machine

The high speed slitting machine can produce 400 times per minute and the line speed can reach 320 meters per minute. It is a high efficiency, high precision processing equipment. It is widely used in paper making, printing and paper industry. Processing paper without paper hair, paper folded paper neat, specifications can be adjusted at any time, flexible application. Its advantages are reflected, so the demand for high-speed cutting machine is also expanding, many manufacturers, brand and quality are also different, the price range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan. Really good quality price is still more expensive, more durable, and low failure, less trouble. At present, there are many cheap slitting machines on the market, which deceive consumers, Jerry building, and buying is the best comparison.
The former high speed cutting machine relies on import. With the reform and opening up of China, technology has been introduced continuously. After years of development, technology has already matured, and the high-speed cutting machine has been made domestically.
The specifications of high-speed slitting machine also developed from the previous single type to multiple models and multi brands, with 140017001900210028003200. and so on.
The high speed slitter is a paper processing equipment for cutting the web into flat sheets and then directly onto the flat offset press. This is different from the slicing machine and the plate cutting machine.

1、Oil pressure lifting material, no shaft air top type clamp;
2、The raw material is made of magnetic powder brake and tension sensor, and combined into closed loop automatic tension control.
3、The reel is controlled by the imported automatic photoelectric correction.
4、VVVF control is used in both main traction and rewinding.
5、There are two kinds of razor cutting, which are divided into air cutting and cutting grooves.
6、The inner roller inflatable slip shaft and the electric control transformation are used to automatically adjust the tension.
7、Meter, package and no material stop.
8、Reel tension setting display;
9、The whole machine PLC control, touch control man-machine interface.

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