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4Common problem

Which high quality blades are selected for high speed cutting machine

High speed slitting machine can only be understood literally, and its blade plays a vital role in the processing. So how to choose blades is a difficult problem for all manufacturers. Now let's learn how to choose suitable blades for high-speed slitting machine.
1, not only one-sided pursuit of imported blades, but only suitable for their own blades.
There is no best blade, only suitable blade. The quality of the blade is relative. The key to the cutting effect of the blade lies in its application. For example, improper application of imported inserts will not lead to good results, and domestic razor blades will achieve satisfactory results if applied properly. This requires us to accumulate and summarize in practice, and really find the blade suitable for our own high-speed slitter.
2. The relationship between blade performance, price and stability.
In the relationship between the three, blade stability is life, and high performance price ratio is the goal pursued. For example, the import blade is often used in high-speed segmentation, but it is also a double-edged sword. It brings a new and efficient way of production to people. At the same time, the import blade has high requirements for equipment, technology, blade, blade clamping system and so on, so the input in the previous and later period is relatively high. In high-speed segmentation, many conditions are at the limit edge, and the stability of the imported blades will become a major problem, especially in the middle and late stages of the use of the equipment, which is more obvious when the precision of the blade drops. Therefore, it can not be used for high speed and high speed. If imported blades are not able to achieve high efficiency, the imported blades should be waiver without hesitation.

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