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4Common problem

Fault of slitting machine and fault treatment of power failure

The cutting machine includes the upper reel roll, the lower reel roll, the rear roll roll and the press roll with the same line speed as the rear roll, which is characterized in that the roller is in contact with the rear rollers in a timely way through the drive of a driving mechanism in the rewinding of the original paper and the speed lifting of the upper reel roll for breaking the original paper.

In the course of operation, if the paper breakage machine is rewinding failure, it can start from the following three aspects:
One, When the finished product is running, the tension of the take-up shaft is too tight, or is closely related to the glue when gluing.
Two, semi-finished products produce wrinkles when winding, and the pressure of tension cylinders can be increased properly;
Three, when the semi-finished product is relaxed in the middle, this is closely related to uneven adhesive and uneven substrate. At this time, the bow roll should be adjusted to flat, or the reel tension is increased, and the base material is compacted with the knife tube.
But, if in normal work, not because of the mechanical handling of failure, but the process of sudden power failure in the factory area, how should we deal with it?
One, cut off the power switch in time to prevent sudden calls and cause unnecessary harm.
Two, immediately clean the paper in the paper cutting machine. Because of the sudden power cut, there is a piece of paper in the machine. In order to avoid leaving paper in the paper cutting machine, it will affect the production later.

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