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What are the operating rules and matters needing attention in the reel separator?

1. The winding paper cutting machine opens
1, open the electrical isolation switch (set in front of the electric control cabinet), press EMERCENCY STOP RESET and READY TO RUN button, the key opens MACHINE to RUN (main platform) to check voltage (380V), current is correct, stable;  

2, turn on the hydraulic system power switch (set on the main hydraulic drive rack), check the main hydraulic drive system oil level and pressure gauge display is correct and stable;
3, open the pneumatic cut-off valve (set on the intake pipe of the pneumatic control cabinet), check whether the air pressure is correct (not less than 6.0bar), and stabilize.

Two. The reel paper cutting machine set control
1, according to the sub membrane type single cut plan, arrange the thickness, length and width of cut to set menu;
2. File corresponding files from PDF BOPP film;
3, the length of the corresponding specification is set to rewind the movie, width;
4, select the appropriate winding station, adjust the pressure roller and pressure roll arm, install the appropriate size of the paper core.

Three, the drum paper cutter is fed through the thin film, then the film
1, feeding: reduce the plan, according to a single request, according to the traffic rules, according to the actual situation, in the time suspension board to take the appropriate parent roll, according to the corona surface and the choice direction of the inside and outside of the sler paper cutting machine reel frame, and use the control button to clamp the steel core, steel core support arm and left lane;
2. Transmembrane: if there is no film mildew paper separator, the film should be passed through. Using the Yimei web separator and the function keys, one end of the original membrane is tied to the eye of the membrane chain.
Through the membrane button, the film moves along the cutting process and distributes evenly on the rollers;
3, and then the film: when the reel paper cutting machine has film, roll seams, in the use of vacuum sealing film sleeve, first pick the pat set to start working position, artificially the first traction roll on the top of the yimmei paper cutting machine flat and open the upper vacuum pump suction film, the formation of adsorption membrane, the membrane stage of access, adhesive tape and cut off the glue Take off the superfluous membrane, flattening the film on the reel frame and starting the lower vacuum pump to make the membrane smooth, divided into the paper tape layer and the smooth film, the seam should be neat, the wrinkle proof, and then the vacuum pump is off, and the platform will open the film on the non working position.

Four. The roll paper cutter starts to run
1, change the specifications, inside and outside arms around the new, the roller is in the preparation of the state of operation, notify all personnel to leave the machine, ready to run;
2, put the ANTI-STAIC BARS on the main console on AUTO, READY TO RUN opens, start the machine to run and guide the operation.

Five. Control
1. In the process of cutting and cutting, careful monitoring is carried out to observe the effect of cutting and cutting, correct cutting speed, winding tension, contact pressure and bending roll, traction roller border and edge guide for proper adjustment.

Six. Coiling and rewinding
1. In the inside, when the outer end of the winding machine is finished, the film is placed on the prepared unloading car with the discharge button, cut off the film and paste the film with the sealing glue;
2, the loosening button uses the suction head to unlock the graphics card and check the film core of each film if it is not new. If the head still stays on the paper, the film is removed by hand;
3. Make sure that all the small cars and buttons of all the films leave the clip to improve the winding arm of the loaded film and install the corresponding paper core. The film is neatly attached to the paper core, once cut.

Seven. The parking lot of the roll paper cutting machine
1, when the length of the film is run, the device will stop automatically;
2. The device in operation can be processed STOP parking according to need;
3, when you need to stop quickly, press MACHINE STOP key is greater than 2S;
4, when there is an accident, such as equipment or human emergency, stop immediately according to the emergency stop.

Eight. Note
1, start to ensure that the current and hydraulic equivalents are correct and stable before the voltage is guaranteed;
2, before the equipment is ready for operation, all personnel must notify the equipment leaving to ensure the personal safety before starting operation;
3, in the operation of the easy to roll web cutter, it is not necessary to touch the film roll or the roll core by hand, so that the hand will not be hurt;
4, during operation, avoid small knife or hard object scratching, cross cutting roller core.

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