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Automatic cutting machine and common cutting machine

Is fully automatic slitting machine really automatic? What advantages do you have than ordinary Slitter?
1. What are the features of the automatic cutting machine? It can be automatically conveyed, cut and collected. The whole course is fully automatic. Automatic cursor, PLC control and so on.

2, the full automatic cutting machine is said to automatically feed, automatic cutting, all of the use of PLC control, all on the touch screen operation on it, running speed, but in the material is manual, paper tube is put in manual. Specifically, you need to see what material you are cutting, how wide it is, how much the width of the coil is, and the width of the cut to decide the type. Of course, the price of the slitter is also very large, depending on how you choose.

3, the import allocation price is slightly expensive, the performance is very good, can simultaneously divide and cut various sizes, the domestic configuration, the price is cheap, the performance is general, generally can meet the daily cutting requirements. Automatic cutting machine is used for paper machinery and printing and packaging machinery and paper tube production. It is a mechanical equipment for cutting wide and large rolls of paper, thin film, non-woven fabric and other materials into wide narrow and small volume materials. Fully automatic slitting machine is a powder clutch as a resistance device, which can control smaller tension. The full automatic slitting machine has strong winding, and the two sides are smooth, and the voice is also very low. It runs smoothly. The automatic cutting machine is also very convenient to operate. The two sides of the paper bags are smooth and smooth without burrs. Its adaptability is also very strong, and the output is very high.

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