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How to use the magnetic clutch of the slitter can control the smaller tension.

The main feature of the disk paper cutting machine is that the magnetic powder clutch is a resistance device, which is controlled by the system to output a DC voltage to control the resistance produced by the magnetic powder clutch. The main advantage is that it is a passive device and can control smaller tension.
Slitting machine setting control safety operation procedure:
1, select the corresponding rolling station, adjust the roll arm and press roller, and install the corresponding specifications of the paper core.
2, file the corresponding BOPP film from PDF.
3. Set the length and width of the corresponding specification film.
4, set up the slicing menu according to the type, thickness, length and width of the film according to the plan.
Performance and characteristics of thin film slitting machine:
1, the transmission system adopts pneumatic, photoelectric sensor and other centralized control. This machine integrates light, electricity and gas. The operation is simple, the cutting precision is high, the circular cutter is cut (or flat knife structure), the waste edge is automatically discharged
2. Central coiling mode. Main engine adopts variable frequency speed regulation.
3, the machine adopts PLC touch screen control, servo motor. Control length cutting.
4, the machine adopts microcomputer control, A4 copy paper splitting machine performance and characteristics: 5, mechanical stability, low noise,
6, motor frequency conversion speed control, manual feeding (or pneumatic automatic feeding) reel with conical sleeve type air bulging shaft (3, 6), automatic meter. Alarm and other functions. Reel using photoelectric automatic correction system, so that irregular materials can be normal segmentation or (gas sensitive oil pressure type side system). < br / > > 7. Magnetic powder clutch tension control. Automatic counting, alarm stop. Magnetic powder tension control. Winding uses A, B axis (inflated type)
8. Longitudinal multi section cutting. The waste side is automatically eliminated by fan.
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